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  • Festive China: Dragon Boat Festival
    The Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 3 this year, which is the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • Gift of words for young readers
    Reading is an indispensable part of any child's growth. Books open new chapters to the little ones' lives, teach them about how the world works, tell them tales...
  • Culture Insider: Children's games in ancient China
    During ancient times, children didn't have smart phone, iPad or computer to entertain them. Instead, they came up with interesting games to play in their childh...
  • It's time to heed the voice of the youth
    It's time to heed the voice of the youth By Huang Rihan | China Daily | Updated: 2022-04-29 06:52 SHI YU/CHINA DAILY The voice of the youth should be heard...
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