Professor Zhu Yu Attends UN Expert Group Meeting


Earlier this month, at the invitation of Dr. John Wilmoth, Director of the United Nations Population Division (UNPD), Professor Zhu Yu from the College of Geographical Sciences attended the UN expert group meeting on the theme of “Sustainable Cities, Human Mobility and International Migration” at the UN headquarters in New York. Professor Zhu is the director of the FNU Center for Population and Development Research and a researcher of the College of Geographical Sciences. At a meeting session on the topic of “Patterns and Drivers of Ttrends in Migration and Urbanization”, he gave a presentation titled “The Urban Transition and Beyond: Facing New Challenges of the Mobility and Settlement Transitions in Asia”, a study focused on Asia, China in particular. His presentation was well received by the audience and prompted enthusiastic discussion.

The expert group meeting was convened to prepare for a conference scheduled to be held in April 2018 by the UN Commission on Population and Development (UNCPD) with a thematic focus on “Sustainable cities, human mobility and international migration”. Present at the meeting were 24 experts from around the world on population migration and urbanization as well as UN officials of the Population Division, the Statistics Division and the Division for Public Administration and Development Management. The UNPD will provide important opinions and advice, based on the results of this expert group meeting, for the report to be delivered by the UN Secretary General at the UNCPD’s fifty-first session.        


(Translated by Liang Li’e  Reviewed by Lin Mingjin)


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