The International Students Academic Exchange Program of FNU in 2017 Summer Vacation


This summer, FNU sent outstanding students to Poland, the Czech Republic and Russia to carry out academic exchanges in order to broaden their international perspective and promote multicultural exchanges. Three student delegations successfully completed their tasks and went back to school safely.

The student delegation sent to Poland visited Opolskie, the Sister Province of Fujian, where they participated in varieties of courses, communicated and interacted with college students from all over the world through class activities, like scientific experiments and teamwork. They also experienced Polish culture and customs through extracurricular activities organized by the local radio station and the government. Local news media in Opolskie conducted a series of reports on the academic exchange activities of our delegation.

The student delegation attended the classes in Palacky University in the Czech Republic. They not only studied six major courses including English language, art education, music culture (teaching direction), drama therapy, creative art therapy, and dance exercises, but also participated in outdoor activities, such as climbing, horse riding and bowling. The positive performance of our students was highly affirmed and praised by foreign teachers.

In Russia, the student delegation visited Volga State Technical University. They learned some Russian and experienced the local folklore music and dancing arts, which gave them a better insight into Russian culture. At the same time, through the interdisciplinary education program which was typical of the academic exchange, students learned about the latest scientific discoveries and achievements in the field of geological information technology, co-studied by Volga State Technical University and FNU, which strengthened the friendship between the two universities.

The international academic exchange program in this summer got a positive response from the foreign schools, engaging students and their parents. It established an international exchange platform for students, helped them acquire short-term overseas learning experience, broaden their horizon and promote the ability in foreign exchange and intercultural study, which not only laid a foundation for them to further study abroad and get employed overseas, but also found an effective way for our university to cultivate international talents.

(Translated by Ye Xinru  Reviewed by Chen Fang)


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