FNU Successfully Hosts the 30th Anniversary of Friendly Exchanges between SAFEA and Takushoku University


The 30th Anniversary of Friendly Exchanges between the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(SAFEA) and Takushoku University & Japanese Teaching Skill Training meeting have been successfully hosted in Fujian Normal University recently. Mr. Isikawa Mamori and Mr. Kimura Seiren, professors from Department of Foreign Languages of Takushoku University, Ms. Li Li, department head of SAFEA, Guo Juliang, director of Fujian Administration of Foreign (Overseas) Experts Affairs, Jiang Xingshan, director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, FNU, and Lin Zhang, vice dean of College of Foreign Languages, FNU, attended the anniversary.

The two professors, Mr. Isikawa Mamori and Mr. Kimura Seiren, gave lectures entitled “Japanese Teaching and Syntax” and “A Guide to Japanese Pronunciation” respectively for more than 100 Japanese teachers and graduate students from Fujian.

Since SAFEA and Takushoku University signed the agreements about Cultural Education & Talent Exchange in 1987, SAFEA has been sending 6 trainees per year for a 3-month training in the past 30 years. So far, nearly 200 trainees have been involved with the training program, including 3 teachers from FNU.

   (Translated by Yang Jianxiong Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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