Two FNU Research Works on Competitiveness Are Collected by the UN Library


Recently, the DagHammarskj?ld Library (DHL,the main library of the UN Organization, located at the UN headquarters, in New York) sent a letter to members of FNU Competitiveness research team, saying that G20 national innovation and competitiveness development report (2016-2017) and BRICS Innovative Competitiveness Report 2017, both conducted by FNU National Economic Comprehensive Competitiveness Research Branch Center, entered the library collection and that the two books are of great value in enriching the UN Librarys collections.

Meanwhile, at the 2017 High-Level Chinese Think Tank Governance & Ideological and Theoretical Dissemination Forum held in Beijing, Center for Chinese Think Tank Studies and Evaluation (CCTTSE), Nanjing University, and Think Tank Research and Release Center of Guangming Daily jointly released a list ofsource think tanks of ChineseThink Tank Index (CTTI)(2017-2018). FNU National Economic Comprehensive Competitiveness Research Branch Center was selected again, ranking among the top in the 348 selected university think tanks in terms of comprehensive ratings. Prof. Huang Maoxing, dean of School of Economics, FNU, was invited to serve as the host of the university think tank sub-forum.


(Translated by Huang Lijun, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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