Professor Rockhimin Dahuri and His Delegation Visit FNU


On March 21st, Prof. Rockhimin Dahuri from Faculty of Maritime and Fisheries Science, Bogor Agricultural University, former minister of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia & chairman of Maritime and Fisheries Committee of Indonesia Democratic Party of Struggle,and his delegation visited FNU. Vice-president Lai Hairong, along with heads of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Office of Social Science & Humanities, Indonesian Studies Center, met with Prof. Rockhimin Dahuri and his delegation.

Vice-president Lai Hairong extended a warm welcome to Professor Rokhmin Dahuri’s visit and briefly introduced the development history and the status quo of FNU. Professor Rokhmin Dahuri in turn gave a brief introduction of Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Both of the parties expected to cooperate and exchange in higher education between China and Indonesia.

Afterwards, Professor Rokhmin Dahuri delivered a lecture for professors and students in FNU.

           (Translted by Wang Sijie & Fu Dongxian; Reviewed by Lin Bin)


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