Plaque Unveiling Ceremony for Digital Fujian Big Data Security Technology Institute & Symposium on Multimedia Big Data Security


The plaque unveiling ceremony was held on the Qishan Campus on the morning of April 14th. Director of Digital Fujian Comprehensive Planning Division of Fujian Development and Reform Commission Shi Youlian, representatives from 13 collaborative enterprises including GMTECH and 360 Enterprise Security Group, Vice President of FNU Lai Hairong, head of Division of Science and Technology, and some faculty members from College of Geographical Sciences and College of Mathematics and Informatics attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Mr. Lai pointed out that big data is a basic strategic resource and of great significance in promoting a governments governance capacity, optimizing public services and fostering economic innovation, and that it has become a strategic high ground, for which different countries in the world are competing. He also highlighted thatas one of the first established Digital Fujian Big Data Technology institutes in Fujian Province, the Digital Fujian Big Data Security Technology Institute (DFBDSTI) will try to contribute to the reform and development of Fujian and propel Fujian big data security technology research to a new level. At the meeting, on behalf of FNU, Mr. Lai, issued appointment letters to the members of the first council of DFBDSTI and unveiled the plaque of the Institute along with Mr. Shi.

During the meeting, the experts present reviewed the work report of the Institute and highly appreciated the achievements that the Institute hasmade. They also put forward constructive guidance in terms of development orientation, research characteristic and construction plan of the Institute. Meanwhile, FNU signed collaboration agreements with representatives from the 13 enterprises, and held the 2018 Symposium on Multimedia Big Data Security.


(Translated by Zhuang Yajin, Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)


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