Party Delegation from Indonesia visits FNU


Recently, a delegation of the Indonesian Party of the Functional Groups (Golkar Party) led by Mr. Happy Bone Zulkarnain, Chief Coordinator of the Central Board of Golkar Party for Defense Security, Law and Human Rights, Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, and Rural Economy, visited FNU. Accompanying the delegation were related personnel from the International Department of the CPC and Fujian Provincial Foreign Affairs Office. Prof. Lai Hairong, Vice president of FNU, and heads of several school departments including the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, Indonesian Research Center, and the International College of Chinese Studies attended the meeting with the delegation. Representatives of Indonesian students studying at FNU and students from the College of Sociology and History and the College of Foreign Languages also participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Prof. Lai Hairong, on behalf of FNU, extended a warm welcome to the delegation and made a brief introduction to the university and reviewed the history and current status of the exchanges between FNU and Indonesian universities. The participants of the meeting exchanged their views on the cooperation and communication between FNU and Indonesian universities and research institutions, the education of Indonesian students at FNU, Indonesian language teaching and scholarships for students studying abroad. Both sides hoped to strengthen academic exchange and cooperation so as to help push forward the China-Indonesia relations. After the meeting, the delegation visited Indonesian students studying at FNU.

Translated by Lv Yizhen, Reviewed by Liang Li’e


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