FNU Holds 2021 Board Meetings of Confucius Institutes


On December 16, FNU Confucius Institutes at Angeles University Foundation (AUF) in the Philippines and the University of Al Azhar Indonesia (UAI) held the 2021 board meetings on line, attended by Dr. Joseph Emmanuel L. Angeles, President of AUF, Dr. Asep Saefuddin, President of UAI, Prof. Wang Changping, President of FNU, deans of the Confucius Institutes and relevant senior staff members from the International College of Chinese Studies of FNU.

At the respective meeting, both deans representing FNU and AUF/UAI reported to the board members on the work since the last session of the board meeting, the budget and final accounts of the project funds, and work plans for the next phase. The leaders of the board meeting carefully reviewed the work reports and work plans, fully affirmed the Confucius Institutes’ achievements of the previous year, approved the key projects to be launched in the coming year, and further defined the direction for future development.

It is learned that, since their establishment, the two Confucius Institutes have been operating successfully and have received strong support from AUF and UAI, yielding notable results.


(Translated by Huang Kexin/ Reviewed by Liang Lie)


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