FNU Invites Prof. Ivo Duntsch of Brock University of Canada as Visiting Professor


On September 5, an appointment ceremony was held in the conference room of College of Mathematics and Informatics at Qishan Campus of FNU. Huang Qingbo, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of FNU, the party and government leadersof College of Mathematics and Informatics and its teachers’ representatives attended the ceremony. On behalf of FNU, Huang awarded the appointment letter to Prof. Ivo Duntsch and wore the school badge for him.

After the ceremony, Prof. Ivo Duntsch gave an academic report entitled Rough Sets: A Tool for Non - Invasive Knowledge Discoveryto teachers and students. The report expounded the theoretical basis of rough sets and introduced its application in feature reduction, data filtering, significance testing and model selection as a non-parametric method.

Prof. Ivo Duntsch was granteddoctoral degree in Natural Science from Free University, Berlin in 1981. He has worked in University of Osnabruk in Germany, University of Ulster in the UK, and Brock University in Canada. Currently, he is an honorary professor inDepartment of Computer Science inBrock University, Canada. Prof. Ivo Duntsch mainly engages in the research of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, rough sets, software engineeringand relational databases with fruitful achievements. He has published about 140 academic thesesin journals and international academic conferences in related fields. Prof. Ivo Duntsch has served asfounding chairman of the European Commission COST Action.274 Theory and Application of the RelationshipStructure as a Knowledge Instruments (TARSKI), academic member of Irish Mathematical Society, senior member of the International Rough Set Society, member ofProgram Committee ofmany international journals and head of the international academic conferences. Prof. Ivo Duntsch has also been invited to make special reports atsome top international academic seminars.

(Translated by Zhou Yanling, reviewed by Chen Fang)


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