School of Geographical Sciences Undertakes the EU ERAMUS+ Programme SUFOGIS Winter Online Training Course


Recently, the EU ERAMUS+ Programme SUFOGIS (GIS and Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forestry and Ecology, 598838-EPP-1-2018-EL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP) Winter Online Training Course, undertaken by School of Geographical Sciences of FNU, has started. The opening ceremony, presided over by Professor Sha Jinming from School of Geographical Sciences of FNU, was attended by 216 students and teachers from universities and research institutes in China, including Zhejiang University, Aerospace Information Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tibet University, Yanbian University, Yangtze Normal University, Xiamen University of Technology, Guizhou Education University and FNU, as well as from foreign universities, such as National University of Malaysia, Volga State University of Technology, University of Delhi and University of Nigeria.

It is reported that the training was held with the support of the 2021 Ministry of Education Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative Education Project “International Course Construction of An Introduction to Remote Sensing Based on PIE”. Thirty-two undergraduates of FNU participated in the training, including majors in physical geography and resource environment, geographic information science, geographic science, ecology, environmental science and environmental engineering. The 12-day training will enhance the international level and regional cooperation ability of remote sensing education and innovation of FNU, and build a platform for geographic information teaching exchanges and a professional interaction network to promote the sustainable development and application of the disciplines of geographic science.

The SUFOGIS Programme aims to promote the application of GIS and RS technologies in the fields of sustainable forestry and ecology and to expand the technical exchanges in the fields between EU countries and China, Russia and other countries by sharing the most cutting-edge technologies in related fields. It also aims to promote the cooperation between research institutions and related enterprises in terms of the application of intellectual property and improve the technical research in the fields of GIS and RS technologies and scientific literacy of researchers in related countries by holding regular video seminars, annual vacation schools, producing and sharing tens of research cases as well as conducting international conferences.


(Translated by Chen Yonghui/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)




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